Jupiter and It’s Moons !!

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest in the Solar System. It is a giant planet with a mass one-thousandth that of the Sun, but two and a half times that of all the other planets in the Solar System combined.Jupiter and Saturn are gas giants.

Credit- lucio zandonati https://flic.kr/p/uoUAz6

Travelling through Dimensions

We all live in beautiful world.From the challenging terrains to the deepest Mariana Trench and to the tallest Himalayas.These diverse dimensions sets Earth apart.It’s been 4 billion years since earth was formed, by now we are popping with all sorts of three-dimensional objects.We know them so well that we take them for granted.But have you ever wondered if there were more dimensions than just three?

Google Personal Assistant BOT

Google Personal Asistant – Raspberry Pi 3

“Personal Assistant “ the word itself means assistant working exclusively for one particular person. The major purpose of any automation system or artificial system is to reduce human labour, effort, time and errors due to their negligence.

Requirements for DIY Microscope

Making your own D.I.Y Microscope

What tiny creatures are living in the street puddles or pond water where you live? You can discover them for yourself using a smartphone and some tinkering!

How I Found Orion Nebula!

The Orion Nebula (also known as Messier 42, M42, or NGC 1976) is a diffuse nebula situated in the Milky Way, being south of Orion’s Belt in the constellation of Orion.It is one of the brightest nebulae, and is visible to the naked eye in the night sky.

Celestron Powerseeker 60AZ

The Celestron PowerSeeker series of telescopes is designed to give the first-time buyer the perfect combination of quality, value, features and power. Offering exceptional value, these telescopes feature portable yet powerful designs with ample optical performance to excite any newcomer to the world of amateur astronomy.

In Search for Aliens

From the famous sci-fi movies PK, Koi..Mil Gaya, Joker or Star Wars, we all, surely at one point or another might have wondered if aliens existed. The question “Are we really alone?” has been going through the minds of billions of people on earth since the beginning of time. Humans are very curious to know if we are all alone in this HUGE universe